Psychometric Assessment For Companies

We assist each individual in making a wise and informed career choice

An organization’s most valuable asset is its employees and much effort is made to ensure that suitable candidates are recruited or promoted within the company. There are many benefits to using psychometric assessment in a number of work contexts.


  • The selection of appropriate assessment tools, conducted by an impartial, qualified industrial psychologist allows for an objective evaluation of potential candidates.
  • All persons are assessed equally and fairly in the recruitment or promotional process as standardised tests are applied to each individual.
  • Research has shown that the use of psychometric assessments assists in predicting future job performance.
  • Targeted areas for employee development can be identified.

Professional psychometric assessment can be valuable in many situations and services are offered within this practice for the following purposes.


  • Recruitment and selection of new employees
  • Promotion or leadership development decisions
  • Sales potential. As Regional Director for Kelly Girl, Annie Oehley was responsible for the recruitment and development of the sales team and therefore has a specific interest in assessments aimed evaluating sales potential and identifying areas for development.
  • Assisting employees with outplacement services during the process of retrenchment