Career Guidance For Learners

We assist each individual in making a wise and informed career choice

Most high school learners find it very difficult to make a career choice in their teen years. Many learners who visit this practice find themselves anxious in the process of school careers evenings, university/college open days and compulsory job-shadows.


A career guidance consultation is likely to include a combination of an interview, psychometric assessment, a detailed written report and individual feedback, including extensive advice on study courses and career job descriptions. This assessment aims to take the uncertainty out of career decision-making. The intention is to provide the necessary self-knowledge regarding personal possibilities and limitations, as well as information about the world of work in order to empower you to make career choices with confidence.

  • Grade 9 subject choice: Ensure that your matric subjects will allow you access to degrees/diplomas necessary for various professions.
  • Grade 10 – 12 career guidance: Today’s range of career possibilities is quite daunting and a better understanding of you as an individual, as well as the range of occupations to choose from will help to make this process easier.
  • Graduate career guidance: Degrees and diplomas such as a BA or BCom are designed to allow students a wide range of career choice. It is this benefit that makes such qualifications a popular choice; however, graduates may find that they need some help when entering the job market.